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Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development is a growing field and continues to soar.  The addiction to mobile apps and the ability to play games and stay in touch with their peers all over the world will always have people looking for the next big apps. The mobile app world is looking for new things to bring into development that will feed the hunger of people that uses mobile apps.  First, a new trend that is coming to the app development world is the upgrade to cloud technology. Everyone uses cloud technology and it has shown many benefits.  By being able to store information and continue that same information on other devices, companies also use this technology because not only is it fast and inconvenience, it is also a great way to save money.  Secondly, as mobile apps continue to grow, so is the security side of the application. The more people use applications, the more at-risk users are at keeping their personal information safe from hackers that use personal information to cause harm.  Mo…